About the Author


About the Author

Hi! I'm the author of these stories. I hope you've enjoyed them! I've put a lot of work into them, a few in particular. I am currently working on a sequel to the story, "To the Earth". It's slow going, but eventually I will get it done. Oh, and an interesting fact about that story (since we are on that topic): The names used for the main characters - all but Terra that is - are all people I know for real, and they are all my friends. The John depicted in the story is based of of my fiancee, who's name is also John. We've been together over a year now, and look forward to many more happy hears with each other. I'd tell you about him, but then you wouldn't get me to shut up! Anyway, Alicia is my minion (only in title), and my sister. Adopted sister, but more of a sister to me than my ex-real one. Rebecca is also my adopted sister. I met her in a community college, eating a cup of noodles with a pair of Chopsticks. Both Alicia and Rebecca are quirky, spastic, happy, hyper, and funny, and this is when they are not hyped up on sugar. I plan to implement them in my plan for world domination...I mean....Uh....tea party? Yeah, let's go with that. Lashaun is one of my best friends, and he lives in another state. I want to call him my brother, but he doesn't want the title, so we are best friends. He's really cool too! A true friend, not like all these fair weather friends you can find all over the place. Rebecca and Alicia are like that, too! While Lashaun is more cool, calm, and laid back, he still is pretty funny, and loves his cats, who are adorable. I count myself the luckiest ever to have such great friends, and such a wonderful fiancee.

Anyway, since this is the "about the author" page, and not the "about the author's friends" page (although I HAVE to include them, since they've been the inspiration for some of my stories, and are worthy of praise for all they've helped me through), I guess I should get started, eh?

I'm very paranoid, so I can't tell you my real name. Only a select few over the internet get that information, and that's because they've EARNED my trust. Trust is not given, it's earned, and they earned it well enough for anyone. So, instead of my real name, you can just call me Outai Tabibito. Yes, I know, it's the name of one of my characters in one of my stories. On the internet, I like to role play a lot, and Outai Tabibito is my role playing character. I suppose I can copy/paste her profile, but I won't do that right now. Anyway, back on topic, I am twenty-two years old. I was born in May of 1986 to Jeff and Linda, my dad and egg donor. My dad is cool! He's got a weird sense of humor that sometimes can be really bad or pathetic, but somehow it ALWAYS makes you laugh. In real life, I stand at five feet, ten inches tall, and I have dark brown hair that is almost black, and hazel green eyes. I live somewhere over the rainbow, and if you don't like the weather here, wait five minutes. (That was a hint, and if you're in my area, you know where I live now.) My favorite season is Winter, because it is nice and cold, and the snow is fun to play in (though not necessarily fun to drive in). My favorite colors are black, blue, and green, and I love outer space, the ocean, and forests as scenery and scenes for stories. Writing is a hobby I've had since my pre-teen years, but that has ebbed considerably since the age of eighteen or so. My real passion is helping others medically. While I wanted to be an E.R. nurse (emergency room), I found out that position would be impossible for me. So, plan B came along. It just took me a while to remember I actually had a plan B planned out since I was thirteen. What is plan B? Why, naturopathic doctor of course! I'm still trying to go to school for that, but there's some things I have to do first. Like getting a job and being able to support myself. I'm still working on that.

As for my stories, well, I have a creative imagination. Another hobby of mine is arts and crafts. I do well with crocheting, but I can also knit, cross stitch, embroider, and make jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, and earrings with beads. I was going to start selling this jewelry, but things didn't go the way they needed to. Anyway, back to about the stories. You know when a child is bored, and they have that far-away look in their eyes? That means they are daydreaming, or imagining something. Don't disturb them or try and suppress it. This is how good stories are made - by people (even children) imagining things and daydreaming. That's how I thought of my stories, or most of them. Some of my stories (IE: "The Silver Ring", "Adventures in Space", and parts from "F5: Devil's Temptation") were really dreams I had that I just wrote in vivid detail, and added a few things here and there so there would be a full-length plot, and not just bits and pieces. I know I'm an amateur at best, but there are worse stories out there....I think. I don't know of any just yet, but if I come across one, I'll let you know. If you want to write a story, go ahead! It's a good way to vent, and even improve on creativity. It's not hard, really. Granted, taking some English classes to learn about better sentence structures and grammar helps out a LOT, it is not necessary. So long as an Editor can read what you write, it's okay. The editor will take care of the rest. I don't have one, and don't need one, and that's okay. All you really need (besides fluency in speaking and writing English so that people can understand you) is a good imagination, and the ability to effectively write down what you are thinking. A story paints a vivid picture in the reader's mind. I admit, I have problems with this, and if you have helpful suggestions on how to improve the detail or anything else in my stories, please feel free to contact me.

When it comes to the actual writing, you can write by hand (though that takes forever and makes your fingers cramp up), or you can type it out on a typewriter, or on a text document or writing program of your choice. If you choose to use a computer (which I highly suggest, as it is faster, and less stressful on your hands), you don't have to be a complete geek. It helps, but it's not necessary. Knowing how to type efficiently (by that I mean using the home keys: asdf and jkl; and NOT the hunt and peck method, as my typing instructor calls it) is a BIG help. Even typing a measly 23 words per minute helps. Typing lessons are highly suggested if you want to do it this way. My average (last recorded in high school, and desperately in need of re-recording) is about 55 words per minute. My fastest was 72 words per minute. Not the fastest in the world, but nothing to sneeze at either.

Hey, if you want to know a good and easy way to write out whatever creative ideas you have, and write them out effectively, read books. It saves money on English classes, and it activates your creative memory more than television and computer programs. When you read a book, you read the author's ideas that they wrote down, and imagine it for yourself. When you do that, you're, of course, using your imagination, and that is critical in writing stories. All it takes is creativity and imagination.

Ah, but I'm rambling now. At any rate, enjoy the reading, and if you have helpful suggestions, contact me at my e-mail address. If you're a publisher and you want to publish and sell my stories, that would be great! Just e-mail me about it, and include your company name, company contact information, and your name and title in that company. As I've mentioned, I'm paranoid and will have to look you up to make sure you're for real. I want to make sure no one steals my hard work.

Oh, and on a side note, for anyone who even dares to think of making me repeat myself: I HATE REPEATING MYSELF! So read things through THOROUGHLY before you ask any questions, even if it means reading whatever it is you are reading ten times or more. Just read things through and I'm sure most of your questions will be answered. If you have any more questions after that, then e-mail me.


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