Adventures in Space

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Adventures in Space

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful spring morning on the Earth as birds of all shapes, colors, and sizes glided through the peaceful morning breeze, adding vibrant colors to the impeccable azure sky. Below in the park, children were heard screaming and laughing gaily as they played to their heart’s content in the plush green grass and the warm sun.

Christina, a tall, athletic brunette with deep green eyes, was walking around the park by herself, totally unfazed by the ruckus caused by the laughing children. She was so deep in thought that she did not notice as a large white-and-black soccer ball came hurtling her way and ended up hitting her in the head. Christina’s head throbbed a bit in pain as she bent over and picked up the stray ball, looking for a name to see who it belonged to.

“Over here!” shouted a voice from ahead of her. Christina looked up to see that Kevin, a tall young man with dark brown hair and baby blue eyes, was approaching her.

“May I have my ball back?” he asked politely, smiling ear to ear.

“Oh, sure. Sorry.” she replied, still in a daze as she handed him his ball.

“Thanks. You should really watch where you are going.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No problem. I would ask you to play right now, but you seem a little distracted. Any way I can help?”

“Thank you, but no.”

“All right then. See you later.” he said as he jogged back to the soccer field.

As Kevin jogged off, Christina returned to her dazed thinking. Lately the space colonies, which were the space stations set up to be home to millions of humans because the Earth could not hold them, had been degenerating at an alarming rate. The colonies had been around for over one hundred years, and much of the technology badly needed updating. What was worse was that some of the less vital systems were starting to malfunction and shut down, indicating a major problem that could eventually cause the vital systems to follow suit.

Being from the colonies, Christina could not help but worry. She needed to find a way to save them, which meant updating old and outdated technology and systems. On her own, or even with a whole team, that would still take years to do, but it was still worth a try to her, so when Christina got a top secret e-mail from a secret group that was trying to gather recruits to help rebuild the colonies, Christina readily accepted.

The situation was hazardous though. The recruiters were labeled as outlaws and anyone joining them were criminals, so Christina had to go to Earth to stay safe and keep her family and friends safe while she got the supplies she was told to get.

“Hey, Christina!” came a voice out of nowhere. Christina looked up to see that Kevin was right in front of her, trying to shake her from her thoughts.

“Huh?” she said, dazed and confused.

“It is time to go in.” said Kevin, his heart pounding and his breath coming in short pants from playing soccer in the field.

“Oh?” she said as she glanced around the park to see that no one was there but her and Kevin “Thank you.”

Christina started toward the little school across the street from the park, Kevin on her heels.

“You did it again.” he said concerningly.

“I know. Sorry about that, but I cannot help it.”

“You are sure I cannot help?”

“Yes, I am sure, but thank you any way.”

“Just what is going on any way?”

“Nothing really. By the way, do you know where I can get some really good computer parts?” said Christina, still looking out of it.

“Sure, why?”

“Just a project.”

“All right. Go to the computer hardware store in the next town. The have some high-grade parts that are a steal.”

“How up-to-date are they?”

“Let’s just say they have not been put on the market yet and won’t be for a year or better.”

“That up-to-date are they?”


“Wow. Thank you.”

“No problem.” said Kevin as they approached the back door of the tiny school. Kevin raced ahead and opened the door for Christina who gave a polite thank-you on the way in.

Inside, Christina and Kevin found that everyone else had already gone to work. They hastily sat in their seats in the green-and-white room with rows of fresh white desks. Christina was called up to her teacher’s desk soon after she sat down.

“Why were you late for class?” the short, balding teacher asked.

“I spaced out again and did not notice that everyone had come in. Sorry about that.”

“You are forgiven, but if you do it again I will give you a detention.”

“Yes sir.” said Christina politely as she returned to her seat and finished her work for the day.

When Christina had finished her work a few minutes later, she was dismissed to go home early. As she walked down the dismal, gray streets with the sun shining just as bright as ever, she called to mind her mission and information she was given from her recruiters and from Kevin.

Let’s see, she thought to herself, I have to get the best, most up-to-date hardware I can find, then report back so I can install it. Kevin said that there was a computer hardware shop in the next town over with really good hardware that I should check out. I wonder where he got that kind of information.

A few minutes later Christina had arrived on the street where her apartment was. The tall, light blue apartment complex loomed above her, as she groped for her keys in her dark, stiff navy skirt. Suddenly she heard a screeching sound behind her and could faintly smell burning rubber. Christina looked behind her to find that a car was racing toward her, and did not look like it was going to slow down.

Thinking quickly, Christina jumped to the side just as the car raced past her. It was a classic black sedan, and she could not read the license plate.

Somebody has seen waaaaaay too many movies, she thought to herself as she leaped to her feet and ran toward the neighboring police department, knowing that whoever tried to run her down would not dare follow her. Unfortunately, whoever it was was not too bright, for as Christina ran, they followed her until she raced inside the building and the car zipped pass. Officers at the front desk stared at her in bewilderment, wondering who she was and why she just ran in.

“Sorry guys,” she tried to explain, “I was being chased.”

“By who?” asked a burly policeman behind the desk.

“I don’t know. Some madman in a car, but he left. I think he just had the wrong directions, so I’ll go home now, but thank you.”

“All right then, just be careful.”

“Thank you, I will.” said Christina as she left the police station and headed for her apartment.

Whew! she thought to herself, That was too close!

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