Outai's Story

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Chapter 1
How It All Happened

It began as a beautiful Spring morning, filled with happy faces and laughing children. Adults worked in fields or caves, in cities or distant farms, each within their own realm. Such a peaceful day was the norm, after all. In this Eden of society, there was no such thing as hatred or war. Even the often rash temperment of those of the Fire nation could hardly be said to get angry. To these people, peace and happiness were like the sky - you could always see it, and it was always there, no matter what.

Of course, it had not always been this way. There had been a time long ago when this world was engulfed in war and famine. People killed each other senselessly, yet sought a way to end the fighting. That's when a mysterious glowing stone appeared, and those most wanting to end the tyrrany somehow found themselves able to speak to it. Since then, this once tempestuous world had become a veritable Utopia.

Suddenly a huge star appeared in the perfect azure sky. It had begun small, but as the hours passed, the people of this world had noticed it begin to grow. In concern, some sought the help of their priests and priestesses - those who could communicate with that glowing stone they worshiped since the time it first came to their world. Surely this glowing stone - which they had rightly named 'Holy' - would know what to do.

Thunder roared suddenly, and the ground beneath them quaked furiously. The star had made a crash landing, it's still flaming mass oddly surrounded in darkness. Those closest to it began to feel strange. What was this odd feeling of animosity? Why did they suddenly want to fight? None of it made sense, and before they knew it, their minds were gone, washed away in the pure blackness of the taint. With their minds now gone, they began to attack others around them.

It began with the decimation with the Earth nation, since they were the closest. One by one, as other nations flocked towards the tragic Earth nation to assist them, other nations were tainted. Soon, the travelers who were tainted spread away from the star, taking the evil will with them and infecting others with it. In merely a day, the evil had spread, tainting every mind on the planet, even those of the Ice, Wind, Elemental, Light, Darkness, and Fire nations. The Psyche nation seemed to hold out the longest, but it, too, fell prey to the darkness. The priests and priestesses, though much stronger in mind and will, were not exempt from this poisoning of their hearts and minds. What was once a peaceful world was now complete insanity. However, in the Ice nation where the crystal that Holy had possessed rested safely, a priestess and her husband were the last to be tainted. They were the strongest priest and priestess in the land, and together had a daughter who, to the amazement of all, had far surpassed them in her first year of life. As evil and malice crept through the priestesses mind – her husband’s already poisoned completely – she knew there was only one thing she could do to save her daughter, the born savior of their world.

With tears streaming down her fair face and dripping onto the swaddled form of her baby girl, the priestess fought with all her might against the evil that now lurked in her mind, threatening to take her over and make her kill her only child. With raven locks wafting on the tempestuous breeze, heavily laden with the scent of blood, she lay the girl in a pod that had been built collectively by the world’s top scientists. She kissed the girl’s forehead as the child cried and screamed in terror, and closed the pod door.

“My faithful guardian…” she said in a hoarse whisper, strained with the effort of trying to keep her own sanity, “take the crystal with you. Wherever my daughter goes, go with her and protect her. I only regret that we could not train her better.”

“My lady,” said a young man. He looked to be approximately seventeen years of age with hair as black as ebony, and eyes as blue as the ocean. He oddly sported the ears and tail of a cat, in spite of his human form. His normally smiling face was now stoic, though incredible grief swirled in his deep azure eyes. “Do not blame yourself. She was too young to train. No one knew when this would happen. I promise, no harm will come to her.”

“When the day comes, train her. I fear she may need it, wherever she goes.”

“My lady, I cannot. I am merely a soldier and have no training of my own with…”

“JUST DO IT!” the priestess demanded, her mind slowly slipping in spite of her efforts.

“Yes, my lady.” The lad said quietly with a polite bow.

The young man slipped into a pod of his own, holding the still glowing crystal in his right hand. Just as he was closing the door, the priestess completely lost her mind. She was now nothing more than a raging animal, screaming and practically frothing at the mouth. She was like a rabid dog, and lunged at the pod that held the lad just as the door closed. She beat wildly on the pod, trying to break it open so she could attack the victim inside, but soon the pod was airborne, far out of her reach. She ran to the other pod, which held her only child, and beat on it as well. This hopelessly lost mad woman was hoping she could get to the young one inside. Her beatings ended up on a control panel next to the pod, hitting buttons all around. Her right fist – whether it was on it’s own, or somehow guided by one final glimmer of sanity – made contact with the button that launched the pod. The last hope for that planet - as well as her guardian - were now gone, traveling to what her mother had hoped would be another planet that could sustain life, and thus sustain her daughter.

My child…she thought to herself before all light was lost and she attacked her husband, landing on his sword, I am sorry I could not train you, or raise you. Please, grow up to be a strong woman…And do not let what happened to us happen anywhere else…

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